Thursday , 7 th March 2013  
DepartmentCourse TitleHall
Dermatology Quality in DermatologyMain Conference Hall
Anatomy Anatomy and QualityAnatomy Department Hall
Radiotherapy and Oncology Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia:UpdatesIbn Sina Hall
Pharmacology Advances in Non-conventional Therapeutics and Early Detection of AdverseDrug ReactionsPharamacology Department Hall
Forensic and Toxicology ViolenceForensic Department Hall
Biochemistry MetabolomicsBiochemistry Department Hall
Ear, nose and Throat ENT UpdatesParasitology Department Hall
Histology Advances in Cell Culture And CytogeneticsHistology Department Hall
Neuro-Surgery Vascular Neuro-SurgeryBiochemistry Department Hall
Pathology Gastrointestinal Pathology :UpdatesPathology Department Hall
Physiology Brain Functions in Health and DiseasePhysiology Department Hall
Microbiology Gentitourinary Track InfectionMicrobiology Department Hall
Chest Interventional Bronchology (Tanta University Experience)Skill Lab
Public Health Tests of Significance In Medical ResearchPublic Health Department Hall (A)
Tropical Medicine Complications of Cirrhosis :common PitfallsMalaysian Student Hall 6th Floor
Radiology Uroradiology :Recent advancesAnatomy Hall
Urology Uroradiology :Recent advancesAnatomy Hall
Orthopedic Recent Advances In Orthopedic SurgeryOrthopedic Hall
Ophthalmology Ocular and orbital TromaOphthalmology Department Hall