introduction / background

Scabies is one of the commonest dermatological diseases that has global health burden. Current treatment with ivermectin (IVM) is insufficient and potential drug resistance was noticed. Moxidectin(MOX), with a better pharmacological profile may be a promising alternative.


This work aims to evaluate the efficacy of moxidectin in vitro and in vivo against Sarcoptes scabiei compared with ivermectin.

Materials & Methods

For in vivo assessment, twenty rabbits infected with Sarcoptes scabiei were divided into three groups: untreated, moxidectin-treated (0.3 mg/kg once) and ivermectin-treated (0.3 mg/kg once).Treatment efficacies were evaluated by clinical assessment, parasitological evaluation, histopathological examination and immunohistochemical study for CD3 T cells in skin samples for 21 days post treatment.


Moxidectin showed high efficacy(100%) killing mites when used in both concentrations (50 μg/m, 100 μg/ml) in the in vitro assessment. Regarding the in vivo study, on day 14 post-treatment, all MOX-treated rabbits were mite-free with full clinical cure by the end of the study (D21) showing (100%)reduction of mite count. Marked improvement in the epidermis with absence of mites in skin samples were shown. Poor clinical and parasitological improvements were noted in the ivermectin-treated rabbits, when given as a single dose. The peak percentage reduction of mite count was recorded in the 2nd week (60.67%) with progressive increase in lesions and mite count in the 3rd week post-treatment.


Data demonstrated that single-dose of MOX was more effective than IVM, supporting MOX as a valuable therapeutic approach for scabies therapy.


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