IBD case presentation  
 Prof Mamdouh Gabr  
 Hepatology and Gastroenterology, Tanta University-Internal Medicine  
 Internal Medicine Details...
 Acase of Diarrhea  
 Prof Dr Kamal Okasha  
 Internal Medicine Department Head of Unit of Nephrology  
 Internal Medicine Details...
 Acase Of Rheumatology  
 Prof Dr Abeer Shahba  
 Internal Medicie Department Head of Rheumatology Unit  
 Internal Medicine Details...
 Case Presentation Diabetic Woman with Thyroid Disease  
 Prof Dr Ingy Abdel-wahab  
 Internal Medicine Department -Tanta Univerisity -Unit of Endocrinology and Diabetes  
 Internal Medicine Details...
 Azospermia case presentation  
 Prof. Dr. Loai M. Al Ahwal, MD.  
 Professor and Head of Endocrinology Unit, Diabetic foot care team Director, Internal Medicine –Tanta University.  
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 Pheochromocytoma Case presentation  
 Prof. Dr. Wael Farrag, MD.  
 Professor of Endocrinology Unit, Internal Medicine Department, Tanta, University.  
 Internal Medicine Details...
 Extremely reduced physical activity in young adult male  
 Atef Mohamed Taha Assistant professor of hematology  
 Hematology unit, internal medicine department, Tanta University.  
 Internal Medicine Details...
 A case of Lymphadenopathy and Skin Lesions  
 Samah ElShweikh  
 Lecturer of Hematology Internal Medicine Department  
 Internal Medicine Details...
 Refractory Anemia  
 Noha El Sayed Esheba  
 Internal Medicine Department Hematology Unit  
 Internal Medicine Details...