Surgical Revascularization within the first 24 hours of Myocardial Infarction with ST Segment Elevation - hemodynamic status is more important than the time of the operation.  
  Rohn V., Grus T., Spacek M.¹ Belohlavek J., Horak J. ²  
  Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Charles University Teaching Hospital, Prague, Czech Republic  
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  Hybrid cardiac procedures : bright future and mysterious questions.  
  Dr. Mohamed Abo-Elnasr MD  
  Cardiothoracic surgery, Tanta University.  
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  Hybrid CABG/PCI  
  Prof. Dr. Hosam Fawzy, MD.  
  Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, Tanta University.  
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  Hybrid procedures in Congenital Heat Disease  
  Prof. Dr Raghda Gh. Elsheikh, MD  
  Cardiology Department, Tanta University.  
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  Hemodynamic monitoring in PICU  
  Prof. Dr. Khaled Talaat Muhammad, MD.  
  Professor of Pediatrics Department, Tanta University.  
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  A new system for aortic arch stenting in type A aortic dissecton. Novara experience  
  Dr. Mohammed shafik  
  Cardiothoracic surgery department  
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  Hybrid Surgery For Management Of Patients With Multisegment Thoracic Aorta Disease And Complications After Ascending Aorta Reconstruction.  
  Patrice Bergeron, Amro Serag*, Vincent Piret, Gay Joel  
  Cardio-thoracic Surgery, Tanta University.  
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  The way to 1000 cases of TAVI in Cuneo- Italy  
  Dr. Mohammed Shafik  
  Cardiothoracic surgery department, Tanta University  
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  New insights in myocardial protection: pre- and postconditioning and their interaction with comorbidities  
  Prof Paul Herijgers, Dr Amr Mahmoud  
  Cardiothoracic surgery  
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  Treatment of high risk patients with aortic valve stenosis : KU Leuven experience  
  Paul Herijgers  
  cardiothoracic surgery  
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