Tuesday :    
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Wednesday :    
1. IM_Critical Care Medicine Guidelines.doc   2. Pediatric_Guidelines in Management Of Critically Ill Pediatric Patient.doc
3. Parasitology_Towards A Global Scope for Parasitology Epidemiological and Clinical Perspectives.doc   4. Public Health_Clinical Effectiveness and Patient Safety (Guidelines, Protocols and Evidences).doc
5. Pathology_Pathology of Breast Cancer An Update.doc   6. Pharmacology_Guidelines towards Better Understanding of Some Pharmacological Problems.doc
7. Microbiology_Guidelines for Antimicrobial Use.doc   8. Forensic_Guidelines of Interpretation of Medical Malpractice Litigations.doc
9. Histology_Challenge between Profession and Practice in Histology.doc   10. Pediatric Surgery_Disorders of Sex Development.doc
11.Surgery_General Surgery Guidelines Update.doc   12. Urology_Medical and Surgical Guidelines of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.doc
13. ENT_Guidelines in Otorhinolaryngology A new horizon.doc  
Thursday :       
14. Ophthalmology_Guidelines and Protocols of Tanta Ophthalmology Department in Management of Common Ophthalmological Diseases.doc    
15. Poster Session.doc   16. Tropical_Towards Egyptian Guidelines in Hepatology, Gastroenterology and Infectious Diseases.doc
17. Dermatology and Plastic_Guidelines to Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine.doc   18. IM_Rheumatologic and Endocrinal Emergencies.doc
19. Cardiothoracic_Cardiothoracic Surgery Guidelines, Tanta University perspectives.doc   20. Clinical pathology_Safety measures and guidelines in laboratory.doc
21. Neurology_Update in Neuro-critical Intensive Care Management.doc   22.Obstetrics and Gynecology_Guidelines for Management of Obstetric Problems.doc
23. Clinical Oncology _ New Era and Guideline in the management of Head and Neck Carcinoma.doc   24. Students_Building Futures through Studentsí Research.doc
25. Nursing_Guidelines and Updates in Different Nursing Procedures .doc   26.Radiology_New Radiological Imaging Modalities Confined to International Standards.doc
27. Toxicology_Guidelines of management of common acute poisonings admitted to Poisoning Control Unit Tanta University.doc   28. Chest_Towards national guidelines in chest diseases.doc
29. Cardiology _Guidelines for Cardiac Procedures.doc   30. Physical Medicine_Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treatment of Rheumatic Diseases.doc
31. Psychiatry_Updates in Psychiatry.doc    
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