Thursday, 7th May 2015
HallTimeMain Topic
Ibn Sina Conference Hall09:30-12:00 Cardiothoracic Team Approach
Ibn Sina Conference Hall12:30-15:00 Clinical Nutrition Update
Anatomy Conference Hall09:30-12:00 Experimental Medical Science
Anatomy Conference Hall12:30-15:00 Clinically Oriented Basic Medical Science
Pharmacology Conference Hall09:30-12:00 Multidisciplinary Approach for Advanced Head and Neck Lesions
Pharmacology Conference Hall12:30-15:00 Minimal Invasive Interventions in Pediatrics
Main Conference Hall09:30-12:00 Skin and Beauty
Main Conference Hall12:30-15:00 Hepatitis C Management Recent Modalities

Tanta University Educational Hospital, Cardiac Cath Hall09:30-15:00 Download Chronic pain Workshop
Tanta University Educational Hospital, 413 Hall09:30-15:00 Download Deep Brain Stimulation for Movement Disorders
Department of Orthopedic Surgery09:00-15:10 Download Deformity-Correction & Limb-Reconstruction (The Femur)
Faculty of Medicine, Microbiology Conference Hall09:30-15:00 Download Infection Control
Tanta University Educational Hospital, Operating Rooms Hall09:30-12:30 Download Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy
Faculty of Medicine, Parasitology Conference Hall09:30-15:00 Download New Imaging Modalities in Tanta University Hospitals
Tanta University Educational Hospital, Genetic Signature Hall09:30-13:30 Download Separation of Hematopoietic Stem cells from the Umbilical Cord
Tanta University Educational Hospital, 313 Hall09:30-15:00 Download Recent Innovations in Cochlear Implants
Faculty of Medicine, Skill Lab09:30-15:00 Download Newborn Life Support